The Private School Revolution in Bihar : Findings from a survey in Patna UrbanPatna Report cover

Author(s): Baladevan Rangaraju, James Tooley & Pauline Dixon
Focus Area: Private School Education
Organization(s): India Institute and Newcastle University
Location: Patna, Bihar, India
ISBN Number: 978-81-923766-0-8

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Depriving through Licensing : How closing down an unlicensed school killed the aspirations of the poor

Author(s): India Institute
Organization: India Institute

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Right to Safety : An analysis of laws that protect citizens against sexual offences and their implementation in India

Focus Area: Sexual Offence Laws in India
Organization: Centre for Justice @ India Institute
Location: New Delhi, India

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The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible : A Free Market Odyssey (Tamil Translation)

Author(s): Ken Schoolland | Tamil translation by Baladevan Rangaraju
Organization: India Institute

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Higher Education Governance in India : A case study of Andhra Pradesh

Focus Area: Higher Education
Organization: India Institute, UPIASI and Manchester University
Location: Andhra Pradesh, India

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