Blockchain for Property: A Roll Out Road Map for India

This book, ‘Blockchain for Property: A Roll Out Road Map for India‘ is a continuation of our efforts to steer India’s dialogue on blockchain for property governance towards a purposeful collaboration between experts, practitioners and policy makers. The book covers three areas:

  1. The processes involved in transitioning to a blockchain based land registry, and legal and policy reforms that will be required.
  2. Documenting Andhra Pradesh’s measures and strategy to adopt a blockchain based land registry.
  3. Two technology interventions in land records modernisation that are shaping property governance in India.

This volume is an attempt to imagine key design and policy questions that would be relevant if India were to move to a blockchain based land records system and answer those questions within the larger legal and policy framework governing the country.

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    Vishnu Chandra
    DDG & Group Head – RS & GIS
    Utility Mapping and Urban Development
    National Informatics Centre (NIC), India

    Baladevan Rangaraju
    Founder-Director, India Institute

    ISBN 978-81-923766-1-5

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