“In more senses than one, it is truly a national service which this study has undertaken.”

– N.K.Singh, Member of Parliament

‘This study makes us consider the very important question of why 68% of Patna’s children were in private schools when there are plenty of government schools with free uniforms and meals also available?…it really points to the need to look at outcomes rather than inputs.”

– Gurcharan Das, Author

“The findings of this report have surprised me, even when I am so used to being surprised. I highly recommend this report to you and understand the global context of this revolution that is taking place and you would be very pleased to know that India could very well be leading this revolution.”

– Prof. James Tooley

“A useful contribution.. most importantly it moves beyond the private good – public bad polemic to say the issue is about delivering learning to kids now.. this really helps me with my work going forward.”

– Mr. Colin Bangay, Senior Education Advisor to DFID India