We, at India Institute strongly believe in exercising freedom of choice as well as facilitating independent thought. We are determined not to compromise our credibility as an independent organization, or our reputation for producing high quality research. India Institute does not allow external factors to steer its research methodology and tools, findings, assessment of ideas, or conclusions.

As an organization, we practice independent decision making to ensure integrity of process,unbiased approach, accuracy in communication and ethical standards in all our work.


We value honest, ethical and moral conduct, both, as individuals and as an organization. Standing up for our cause against odds, as well as, courage and determination to reason are non- negotiable principles of India Institute. India Institute strictly follows international standards in ethics and accountability to ensure we produce strictly objective, fact-based research and conclusions.


Commitment is at the core of all our endeavours. We strongly advocate responsibility, trustworthiness and sincerity to be exemplified in all members of the Institute. The India Institute recognizes it’s liability towards all patrons and supporters, and conducts responsible action with regards to its statements, actions and recommendations. Apart from being responsible in our work we abide by our responsibility to society.


The constant pursuit of perfection and quest for new challenges defines our work culture at the India Institute. Determination to achieve better standards coupled with continuous learning propels our growth. India Institute ensures the highest quality of work – using innovation and creativity, along with maximized efficiency. The results and success of all our research is motivated by our belief in excellence and the desire to improve.