Budding Scholar Program

The Budding Scholar programme of India Institute is an initiative that targets graduates and postgraduates looking for an avenue to gain a deeper understanding of public policy while engaging in serious academic work. Compensating for the dwindling opportunities for academic development in the country, especially at research institutions, the Budding Scholar programme provides hands on experience in all aspects of research – from planning and developing a research design to data collection and analysis. With a holistic approach to research projects and a focus on tapping into key skill sets, the programme is ideal for anybody interested in an academic future in discipline of any kind.

The duration of the programme ranges from a minimum of 3 months to 6 months and is offered on full time basis only. Under this programme we welcome applicants from various disciplines like Economics, History, political Science, Governance studies, and Law. As a budding scholar at India Institute, you will be assigned a role in an on-going initiative at the institute that would address your fields of interest. The programme also provides opportunities for primary and secondary research, allowing Budding Scholars to have a better understanding of issues at grass root level and nurturing responses that are essential for policy making.

We invite applications for the program on a rolling basis and encourage interested candidates to apply at the earliest.
Budding Scholar Alumni : Ritu Bhandari

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