Data Blind Abhiyaan: Indian Schools shutting down en masse, why is govt silent ?

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The Right to Education Act (RTE) was passed with much fanfare but 5 years into its existence, it has not achieved anything more than what Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan has done. In fact, the law has been systematically depriving lakhs of children their opportunity to go to a school of their choice even as the government remains a mute spectator. This …


Recommendations for Delhi School Education Agenda  Save Deepalaya School from Forcible Closure   

A case for dying with dignity

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On November 27, 1973, Aruna play roulette online in canada Shanbaug, a junior nurse at the King Edward Memorial Hospital in Mumbai was sodomised and brutally assaulted  by a janitor working in the same hospital. The janitor choked Aruna with a dog chain as he carried out the sexual assault. Aruna’s brain was severely injured in the attack, leaving her …

Keep it simple, silly : Overburdened judiciary and legal awareness

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The overburdening of the judiciary in India is not a story that is new. With a backlog of over 31 million pending cases in the High courts and subordinate courts, the Indian judicial system was ​made​ to induct 1,734 Fast Track Courts​ by the Eleventh Finance Commission to speed up the judicial process. Despite this expansion, only 3.2 million of …

It's in the genes : GM crops and Food Security in India

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In last Saturday Poll, we asked whether genetically modified (GM) crops are a solution to India’s food security problem and most of you who voted had opined that these crops are not such a solution. Of the 49 poll takers, only 27 % believed that genetically modified crops could address the issue of food security in India. A genetically modified …

Animosity in Diversity

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Discrimination in India on the basis of caste, religion and gender has long been in public focus. Though mentioned now and then, racial discrimination had not received as much attention until two very unfortunate incidents in Delhi in the last couple of weeks. In our last Saturday Poll, we had asked you to tell us if you thought that Indians …

Big Boss is Watching

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Should the Government Snoop on Us? To the extent we are able to communicate across the world in a jiffy and use that ability to pull off spectacular changes in the social, economic and political spheres, we have lost control over our personal information and the right to privacy of our interactions. Not just on the Internet but also over …